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Welcome Cosplayers of America!

Welcome to the group where you will finally be known for your skill! Here's where we separate the novices from the skilled! This group only accepts high quality photos that truly display skill and craft. Let's show the world what we've got America!

Please remember:

    -No nudity (I didn't say no Yaoi/Yuuri but keep it PG13 children!) -Put your picture in the right folders please! -Only submit pictures of high quality and resolution. You dont have to be an editing master, just dont submit things that look like they were taken on a phone. -Be respectful to anyone who displays anything! -3 pictures can be submitted each day. We just don't want 80 bajillion pictures of one person to spam up folders. -Try to make sure you don't submit a lot of the same costume. I won't be monitoring but if I notice that I have 10 of the same person in the same costume as the only thing in a folder, some of the deviations may be removed from the group. -HAVE FUN!!! Share, submit, and enjoy~








Hello my friends. I realize I have been MIA for lord knows how long. Sorry about that. I'm in the midst of my senior year and I had work over the summer and stuff was crazy.

So here's the dealio.

Congratulations to our new icon winner (I looked through those who submitted back in June) NorseDanceParty :iconnorsedanceparty: for being our new icon with her deviation "What big teeth you have" (I love the lighting and intensity of the photo btw). You will represent us for September!

As for next month, the icon contest will continue! Our theme for next month is, obviously, Halloween, horror, gore, and other such things that will most likely creep me out when I look at them. :iconhalloweenplz: Here are the rules if you need them.

Monthly Group Icon Contest

To enter, post your picture in the "Icon Contest" Folder by September 30 at Noon WST. ALL submissions under theme will be accepted. The winner will be announced in the few days after the contest end date.   Your prize will include: a feature in the next journal with your deviation and the picture will become the group's new icon. ONLY ONE PICTURE CAN BE SUBMITTED BY A SINGLE DEVIANT USER PER MONTH. It can have as many people as you wish in it but the credit will go to the owner of the deviation unless specifically stated in the deviation itself.

Sadly there is no monetary prize and we have no commissioners yet but if you would like to be one and contribute any type of prize (this can include comissions, drawings, prints, crafts, points, etc. anything you are willing to contribute) for a later contest then please send me a note of what you are willing to contribute and next month you will be added to the list!

GOOD LUCK and I promise to be more attentive of the page!

                            ~Le Founder :iconbgal1245:
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